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Health Insurance Marketplaces: The First 8 Weeks

Friday, November 22, 2013

Health insurance marketplaces, or exchanges, opened October 1, and while states have released some enrollment data, and much of the attention has been on the initial technical challenges, there has been less information about overall consumer experience.

Who is trying to access the marketplace websites, and how many have successfully enrolled? Of those who shopped but did not enroll, why not? Do they plan to sign up later? What kinds of people are enrolling? Are they older and sicker, and will that make coverage more expensive for everyone? Why has early enrollment tilted more toward Medicaid, as opposed to private insurance, and will that trend continue?

Sara Collins, vice president for the health care coverage and access program at the Commonwealth Fund, shared the results of a recent Commonwealth survey on experiences in the marketplaces.

Mila Kofman, executive director of the DC Health Benefit Exchange Authority, discussed early experiences in the Washington, DC marketplace.

Dan Schuyler, director of exchange technology at Leavitt Partners, and former director of technology for Utahís health insurance exchange, addressed technology and other challenges that marketplaces are facing.

Matt Salo, executive director of the National Association of Medicaid Directors, discussed the status of Medicaid enrollment, which has outpaced private insurance enrollment.

Katy Caldwell, executive director of Legacy Community Health Services, a federally-qualified health center in Houston, explained her clinicís efforts to actively help patients with enrollment.

Ed Howard of the Alliance and Sara Collins of Commonwealth co-moderated.

Contact: Marilyn Serafini (202) 789-2300

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The event was sponsored by the nonpartisan Alliance for Health Reform and The Commonwealth Fund.


Transcript, Event Summary and/or Webcast and Podcast

Transcript: Full Transcript (Adobe Acrobat PDF), 11/22/2013
Full Webcast/Podcast: Full Video from C-SPAN

Speaker Presentations

Caldwell Presentation (Adobe Acrobat PDF), 11/22/2013
Collins Presentation (Adobe Acrobat PDF), 11/22/2013
Kofman Presentation (Adobe Acrobat PDF), 11/22/2013
Salo Presentation (Adobe Acrobat PDF), 11/22/2013
Schuyler Presentation (Adobe Acrobat PDF), 11/22/2013
Full Presentation (Adobe Acrobat PDF), 11/22/2013

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Source Materials

Agenda (Adobe Acrobat PDF), , 11/22/2013
Material List (Adobe Acrobat PDF), , 11/22/2013
Source List (Adobe Acrobat PDF), , 11/22/2013
Speaker Biographies (Adobe Acrobat PDF), , 11/22/2013

Offsite Materials (briefing documents saved on other websites)

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Letter to State Insurance Commissioners (Adobe Acrobat PDF),Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, 11/14/2013
Americans' Experiences in the Health Insurance Marketplaces: Results from the First Month, The Commonwealth Fund, 11/4/2013
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Dan Schuyler

Itís not easy to compare prescription drug costs and doctors covered by each plan on the health insurance marketplaces, Katy Caldwell, executive director of Legacy Community Health Services, stated at a November 22 Alliance briefing, Health Insurance Marketplaces: The First 8 Weeks.

Matt Salo

In the DC exchange, when the proposed rates became public, some insurers lowered rates and added new plans to be more competitive, Mila Kofman, executive director of the DC Health Benefit Exchange Authority, stated at a November 22 Alliance briefing, Health Insurance Marketplaces: The First 8 Weeks.

Sara Collins


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