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Caring for People Covered by Both Medicare and Medicaid: A Primer on Dually Eligible Beneficiaries

Friday, June 03, 2011

This was an introductory session designed to inform the staff of new members of Congress both in Washington and in district or state offices about the people who receive benefits from both the Medicaid and Medicare programs (often called “dual eligibles”). The briefing was designed to be helpful to staff members unfamiliar with this important issue.

The nine million dually eligible beneficiaries are generally poorer and sicker than other Medicare beneficiaries, tend to use more health care services, and thus account for a disproportionate share of Medicare and Medicaid spending. Because they often have complex medical and long-term care needs and must navigate both Medicaid and Medicare benefits and financing, they present a special challenge for those seeking a more efficient and coordinated care delivery system. In this context, a good understanding of the needs and issues confronting care for dual eligibles will be essential to congressional health staff.

A distinguished panel addressed such basic questions as: Who is dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid? What are the characteristics and needs of this population? How do Medicaid and Medicare coordinate payment and care for this population? What federal and state barriers complicate these efforts? What is being done to address these challenges? What provisions in health reform address improving the coordination and delivery of services for dual eligibles?

Panelists included: Melanie Bella, director of the new Federal Coordinated Health Care Office (“Office of Duals”) at CMS; Shawn Bloom, National PACE Association; Scott Leitz, Minnesota Department of Human Services; and Jack Meyer, Health Management Associates. Barbara Lyons of KCMU and Kevin Arts of the Alliance co-moderated.


 Barbara Lyons , Kaiser Family Foundation's Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured, Moderator
 Kevin Arts, Alliance for Health Reform, Moderator
 Melanie Bella, Federal Coordinated Health Care Office, Speaker
 Scott Leitz, Minnesota Department of Human Services, Speaker
 Shawn Bloom, National PACE Association, Speaker
 Jack Meyer, Health Management Associates, Speaker
(Click on the camera icon to see a video of the speaker's presentation.)

Transcript, Event Summary and/or Webcast and Podcast

Transcript: Transcript (Adobe Acrobat PDF), 6/3/2011
Event Summary: Event Summary (Adobe Acrobat PDF), 6/3/2011
Full Webcast/Podcast: Caring for People Covered by Both Medicare and Medicaid: A Primer on Dually Eligible Beneficiaries

The full webcast and podcast for this briefing, as well as videos of individual speakers' presentations, are provided by Kaiser Family Foundation.

Speaker Presentations

Barbara Lyons Presentation (PowerPoint), 6/3/2011
Melanie Bella Presentation (PowerPoint), 6/3/2011
Scott Leitz Presentation (PowerPoint), 6/3/2011
Shawn Bloom Presentation (PowerPoint), 6/3/2011
Jack Meyer Presentation (PowerPoint), 6/3/2011

(If you want to download one or more slides from these presentations, contact us at info@allhealth or click here for instructions.)

Source Materials

Speaker Biographies (Adobe Acrobat PDF), , 6/3/2011
Agenda (Adobe Acrobat PDF), , 6/3/2011
Material's List (Adobe Acrobat PDF), , 6/3/2011
Experts Sourcelist (Adobe Acrobat PDF), , 6/3/2011
Event Summary (Adobe Acrobat PDF), , 6/3/2011

Offsite Materials (briefing documents saved on other websites)

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